12x Telecentric Adapters

Image: 12X Telecentric Straight Adapter                Image: 12X Telecentric Right Angle Adapter

There are three telecentric adapters available for use with the special 12X Zoom Lens:
  • Straight, no coax.
  • Straight with coax.
  • Right angle with coax.

Each has a working distance of 188mm.

Magnifications range from 0.16X to 1.94X with the upper 1X Adapter and 0.32X to 3.88X with the 2X Adapter.

Maximum field of view is 50mm.

All standard zoom drives are available (manual, detent, motorized). There is no focus drive due to the telecentric feature.

An upper 2X f-mount adapter may be used to couple an f-mount camera.