12X Zoom

Image: 12X Zoom

Navitar's 12X Zoom is the next generation in video zoom optics, with a 12X parfocal zoom range of 0.58 - 7X. Available accessories produce, numerical apertures of 0.025 -- 0.055, working distances from 32mm to infinity, and resolution up to .83 microns (macro) and 0.4 microns (micro). Image formats up to 16mm, fields of view from 0.01mm to meters, and magnifications from 0 to 248X complete the specifications.

The 12X is configurable with a diverse selection of body tubes, accessory optics, motorized options, and advanced lighting techniques.

Select models are also available in an NIR format to maximize transmission in the longer wavelengths.
View the 12X Zoom system diagram
The wizard looks at your type of camera mounting, then at the sensor size (based on line scan length or area sensor diagonal). This determines if a 12X solution is feasible.

Next the wizard will look for a potential solution to satisfy your magnification requirements.

The wizard will rotate the camera over the object and adjust the magnification so as to insure that the largest dimension of the object is covered by the largest dimension of the camera sensor, without losing any portion of the object's smaller dimension. Because this is a zoom system, the wizard will select equipment so as to maximize your ability to "zoom up".

There are three configurations of the 12X.

  • Standard - 55-666 mm focal length zoom system
  • Coax - utilizes a fiber optic or LED coaxial illuminator
  • Ultra - utilizes microscope objective taking lenses
With the coax version, the spot it can evenly illuminate is more or less a constant. As the sensor gets larger, the magnification must get larger to spread this same size spot over the larger sensor. This limits the useable portion of the zoom range. See Coaxial Illumination for additional help.

Likewise, with the ultra versions, the objective / zoom pupil matching also limits the zoom range.

STANDARD 8 -- 16mm 0.1 -- 49X
COAX 8 -- 16mm 0.39 -- 49X
ULTRA 8 -- 16mm 2.44 -- 583X
*Maximum sensor length (area diagonal or line scan) depends on the equipment employed.

An f-mount is limited to a 16mm sensor, because of optical constraints, and requires that a 2X, f-mount adapter be used. This 2X magnification factor further limits the size of the object viewed.