Image: Adapter Adapters are a required component for the complete zoom system. It, along with the coupler places the camera sensor at the optical image plane of the zoom system. Most contain some kind of focusing action to critically align the sensor with the image plane, thus producing a system that zooms in focus (parfocal zoom).

Available magnifications range from 0.5X to 5.0X, depending on configurations. To shorten overall system lengths, the adapters are available in compressed "mini versions". To further change configurations, they are available with various modifiers.

Image: Standard Adapter

Image: Mini Adapter

Not all adapters are compatible with the 12X Zoom system, and will not be offered by the Wizard.

Because of the extreme optical paths, the mini adapters are limited to smaller sensor sizes than the standard.

An "f-mount" camera coupling version is only available in the 2X magnification format. This adapter is designed with a internal "T-mount" thread, so other formats may be adapted using off-the-shelf T-mount adapters.