Illumination Driver

Fiber Optic:
Available in 115 and 230 volt models.
Uses 150 watt EKE lamp.
Output port is 18.288mm (0.720 inches) internal diameter.

Illumination levels are controlled by utilizing the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology. This keeps the current at the proper level and regulates the amount of "turn on" time per cycle.
Navitar has two different power level LED systems, 1 watt and 5 watt. The 5 watt is utilized in applications with extremes of magnification.

Drivers are available in both analog and digital formats.
The analog is a simple manual means of providing continuous dimming.
The digital has both a manual dimming feature and the ability to utilize a computer through both a USB and RS232 port. The electronics may be purchased in "board format" for inclusion into assembled packages. Windows and LabView software are available and some code libraries are available for OEM incorporation.
All systems utilize external power supplies, which are available in various mains voltages.

Drivers are only available in digital format.
Options are similar to the digital presentation above.