Large Format Camera Couplings

Raptar Pro

Image: Large Format Lenses: Raptar Pro
86mm 1X f/4
C-, F-, T-, SLR-Mount or M72-Thread formats
90mm image
1X Mag
M56 X 0.75 filter thread 95mm WD

The 1X Raptar Pro has been designed particularly for the line-scan and large area sensor market. With its improved MTF, acceptable illumination retention, and essentially zero distortion over a 90mm field of view, this lens is ready for challenging applications.
Lens Performance Data

Mechanically, the lens is designed with a T-Mount rear coupler, and is available with the adapters that convert to a C, F, or SLR format. An optional clamp locates on the T-Mount exterior and provides bolt holes for mounting to a flat surface. A special rear coupler allows the usage of the 86mm Dalsa 12K Line-scan (17237 OL). Dimensions of the parent lens are provided for customer coupling of other special configurations. (17494 OL) The rear dovetail interface provides a means of orienting a line-scan camera to the maximum performance axis of the lens.
System Diagram

Additionally, to accommodate the new large format cameras with the larger non-standard threads, an M72 x 0.75t mounting system is available. For those cameras with a thread smaller than M72, a "step-up" ring must be used. These rings may be found at, or equal. There are two varieties of M72 mounts with flange distances of 6.56mm and 30.8mm. Any user fabricated custom mount must maintain these distances for the Raptar Pro to perform satisfactorily.