Zoom 6000 Adjusted Working Distance

Set Your Woking Distance

In the mechanical operation of the Zoom 6000 with fine focus, during the fine focus process, the Lens Attachments move with respect to the last lens of the primary zoom system. This changing separation of the lenses creates a new "effective" value for both magnification and working distance.

The table below illustrates these relationships, when the Zoom 6000 is used with a 12mm FF. You will note that, as the nominal value of the Lens Attachment increases, the deviation from nominal becomes less significant.

Nominal Lens Attachment Mag WD Range (mm) Effective LA mag (shortest wd) Effective LA mag (longest wd)
0.25X 220 - 390 0.33X 0.20X
0.5X 143 - 187 0.54X 0.47X
0.75X 100 - 119 0.77X 0.74X
1X (none) 81 - 93 1X 1X
1.5X 48 - 52 1.45X 1.49X
2X 34 - 37 1.91X 2.02X

If you have selected Zoom 6000, without any coaxial illumination feature, but with a fine focus feature, the wizard will select adapters and reposition Lens Attachments to provide the closest approximations to your desired working distance and field coverage.