Zoom 6000 Mounting

Image: Zoom 6000 Image: Flange Mount

Flange Mount

The manual or detented versions of the Zoom 6000 may be supported on its upper flange. A variety of mounts are available to fit various common microscope stands.

Image: Adapter Plates Image: Oval Adapter Plate

Motorized 6000 Mounting

Image: Zoom 6000 with Motor Clamp Image: Flat Mount (1-62572)

Flat Mount (1-62572)

The motorized 6000, in lieu of a flange, comes with (4) tapped holes on its periphery that permit the attachment of a "flat mount", which then may be bolted to any flat surface.

Note: The flat mount may only be used with the new Hall Effect (HE) motorization. The older plain DC models must be mounted with Adapter Clamps.

Adapter Mount Clamp

Image: Adapter Mount Clamp All 6000 systems may be mounted by means of clamping on the adapters. The Clamp is configured with (2) screws for bolting to a flat surface and a single 1/4-20t tripod screw hole.