Zoom 7000

Image: Zoom 7000 The Zoom 7000 is a close- focusing macro video zoom lens designed to be used in applications where objects over 25.4mm (1 inch) in diameter must be imaged. It is compatible with cameras 2/3" or smaller and generally operates at a magnification of 1X and below.

The Zoom 7000 offers a parfocal 6:1 zoom ratio with a focal range of 18 mm to 108 mm. It comes with a close-up lens for imaging at distances from 152mm (6 inches) to 305mm (12 inches). When the close-up lens is removed, the working distance extends from 610mm (24 inches) to infinity. The lens is not recommended for usage between 305mm (12 inches) and 610mm (24 inches) because of sub-standard performance, nor will the Wizard offer it as an option, within this range.

Focus and aperture control are standard Zoom 7000 features. Navitar also offers an ENG Bayonet Mount version of this lens (1-11898). An f/2.5 open aperture greatly simplifies lighting requirements.