Ring Light

Ring lights provide a 360 degree illumination angle that minimizes the formation of shadows normally associated with oblique illumination. Ring lights are mostly used with relatively flat, diffused surfaces.

There is a specialized application where the angle of illumination is very shallow causing the light rays to reflect off shiny (specular) surfaces and not re-enter the lens. In this case, any defects on the shiny surface, (scratches, contamination, etc) will show up against a dark background (darkfield illumination).

Image: Ringlight    Image: Ringlight

Image: LED Ringlight

LED Ringlights with auxiliary lenses for working at 50, 100, and 150mm working distances.

Limit of useable working distance about 200mm.

Image: Fiber Optic Ringlight    Image: Fiber Optic Ringlight Lamphouse

Fiber Optic Ringlights and lamphouse.

Limit of useable working distance about 200mm.