Navitar offers a family of high-performance telecentric lenses for use in machine vision, metrology, and precision gauging applications. All lenses provide low optical distortion and a high degree of telecentricity for maximum, accurate image reproduction, particularly when viewing three-dimensional objects.

Image: Telecentric Lens Image: Telecentric Lens

One of the most important benefits of a telecentric lens is that image magnification does not change as object distance varies. A telecentric lens views and displays the entire object from the same prospective angle, therefore, three-dimensional features will not exhibit the perspective distortion and image position errors present when using a standard lens. Objects inside deep holes are visible throughout the field, undistorted, therefore, telecentric lenses are extremely useful for inspecting three-dimensional objects or scenes where image size and shape accuracy are critical.

Navitar's double telecentric series provides telecentricity in both the object and image planes. The resulting system is less prone to optical abberrations and geometrical distortions. Image size will not vary across the field due to positioning of the sensor. Sensor manufacturers are adding micro lens arrays over their pixels to improve their light gathering ability. These lenses are most effective with incoming rays within 5 degrees of normal. The telecentricity at the image provides this relationship and dramatically increases the signal.

Our machine vision lenses include the 12X Telecentric Zoom lens, TC-5028 CCTV telecentric lens, and the new MagniStar Double-Sided Telecentric Series.

The wizard first looks at your type of camera mounting, then at the sensor size (based on line scan length or area sensor diagonal).

Next the wizard will look for a potential solution to satisfy your magnification requirements.

The following table shows the available solutions:

MAX (mm)
12X Telecentric C 11 188 0.16 - 1.94
TC-5028 C 11 115 - 85 0.5 - 1.0
Double-Sided Telecentric C/F 28.7 157 - 500 0.03 - 2.0